Quick Overview

On 18 September 2018, the EPA Network gathered researchers, policymakers and practitioners to exchange knowledge on how evidence can be mainstreamed into the decision-making process to improve the resilience of the fisheries sector in Benin





Key Messages

The Forum is the materialization of how to bridge the gap between research-action and policy by promoting the use of scientific evidence and endogenous knowledge of stakeholders to formulate and orientate development policies and strategies. This approach allows for an open dialogue that considers the priorities and perspectives of all stakeholders.

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Call for innovation in urban agriculture (in French)

Vous avez des idées d'innovations en agriculture ? Soumissionnez à cet appel à innovation en agriculture et obtenez la chance d'être appuyé.


The EPA Forum 2019 will take place in October

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Partner with us at the EPA Forum 2019

Unique platform to engage in multi-stakeholder discussions on improving food security and nutrition in Benin.

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