To become a partner of the EPA Forum 2019, please write to

What does the Forum offer you?

  • Unique platform to engage in multi-stakeholder discussions on improving food security and nutrition in Benin.
  • Opportunity to communicate around your activities and increase your visibility. Partners will be highlighted in the communication materials of the Forum.

What can you bring as a partner?

  • Participate in the Forum to contribute to exchanges around the use of evidence to improve food and nutrition security.
  • Sponsor participants. Our current resources can support 100 participants at the Forum. Our ambition is to reach 250 participants. For the 150 additional participants you can support participants from your team or partners. You also can sponsor potential participants who have already registered for the Forum, but whom we can no longer support because of our current limited resources. The cost of a participant in the Forum is estimated at 35,000 FCFA (USD 60).
  • Support communication on the Forum for example by posting an article on your website or disseminating information related to the Forum on your online communication channels.

Four types of partners

Evidence Partner: If you produce data or research or evaluation results in the area of food security and nutrition, the EPA Forum 2019 provides you with a platform to share your findings and engage policymakers and practitioners for better use of evidence. You can organize a side event, deliver a communication, host an exhibition of your results.

Policy Partner: The EPA Forum 2019 provides an opportunity for governmental and municipal departments, agencies, and institutions to engage directly with evidence-producers, including researchers, on the research and data they need to make informed decisions.

Action Partner: If you are in the private sector or you implement projects and programs in the area of food security and nutrition, you can become an Action Partner of the EPA Forum 2019 to share your practical knowledge with evidence-producers and policymakers.

Broker Partner: Brokers provide a bridge between evidence-producers and users. They communicate available evidence to policymakers, practitioners, and the population. If you take on this role in the area of food security and nutrition, the EPA Forum 2019 is the platform to increase your impact and gain access to the latest research results and innovations that you can communicate to your audience.

To become a partner of the EPA Forum 2019, please write to